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Fine Iron Design is home to artistic blacksmith, Robert McFadzean. Based in Perthshire, Robert works from his forge at home to create unique, imaginative items from steel.

As well as designing and creating pieces tailor made to client’s individual requirements and needs, Robert enjoys creating artistic pieces, always incorporating function into his designs.  ​

''There is something magical about taking something plain, boring even, and using it to create something unique with meaning or function''

​Products range from fireside fenders, railings and gates through to the finer detailed pieces such as lamps, bottle holders and shaped brackets for stand alone use, house or business signs and hanging baskets. However, this list is not extensive and bespoke, custom orders are welcome.


Robert began his career as a farrier, shoeing for fifteen years before turning his hand to more artistic work in the forge. Combining his talents for blacksmithing and equestrian passion, Robert has worked to create numerous unique, timeless keepsakes for owner’s horses – past and present.

These pieces go far beyond the typical ‘horseshoe heart’, they are individually designed to personal preferences and requirements to ensure the finished piece is as unique as the horse it has been made in memory of.


As a rider and owner, himself, Robert understands how much value and sentimentality these projects hold and takes the utmost pride in making something as special as the memories that piece will hold.

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