Feature Lamps

These lamps are truly unique and make beautiful additions to any home, shop or office. Handcrafted and made to order, they provide a refreshing alternative to the dull, plain mass produced lamps available on the market currently. We have a small classic collection available to order and also undertake bespoke, custom orders. Please note that whilst every effort is made to ensure orders match the pictures displayed, as these items are handcrafted from scratch there is likely to be some variation from the photos.


Ducks Feet Lamp


This beautiful lamp will be sure to turn heads and provides a unique, stylish alternative for any lounge, bedroom, study or hallway.


Shotgun Lamp - Small


As stunning as our large shotgun lamps, but suited to a cosier setting These feature perfectly on tables, desks or sideboards. Handcrafted from scratch and made to personal preferences.


Shotgun Lamp - Large


Truly one of a kind, these beautiful lamps are a simply stunning addition to any room. Handcrafted from scratch and to personal preferences, these must be seen to be appriciated.


Simplicity Lamp


This lamp is discreet and simple, yet uniquely beautiful, gently standing out in any setting. Created and shaped by hand, each one is perfectly unique.


Golf Club Lamp - Large


Another real statement piece for any home. A perfect gift or home addition for any golf lovers or enthusiasts. This lamp will certainly turn heads and get conversation flowing!